IROS '02

IROS 2002
2002 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on
Intelligent Robots and Systems

First International Cleaning Robots Contest


Robots are starting to have an impact on our daily lives, and enthusiasts are convinced that in a very short time Personal Robot Assistants will be as common as Personal Computers are today. This may be somewhat farfetched, but undoubtedly robotic technology has developed to such a stage that automation of many everyday tasks and operations is now possible.

One of the primary applications is robotic cleaning. The market for cleaning services in Europe alone is estimated to be US$ 50 billion per year, so there is no doubt of the economic potential of their automation.

The general objective of this contest is to bring together representatives from the cleaning industry and appliance manufacturers as well as young researchers, future customers and users, and draw their attention to an emerging technology.

  • The event will be a showcase for novel technologies and a catalyst for technology transfer.
  • It will help to attract research potential and brain power to economically interesting applications.
  • For industrial sponsors, the event will provide an excellent opportunity to access the creativeness, enthusiasm and technical ingenuity of young scientists and to gain their attention.
  • In parallel with the contest there will be an exhibition of industrial robotic cleaning technology. The contest, together with the exhibition, will be an excellent way of introducing the general public to this new technology and its applications in a relaxed atmosphere, and without bias in favor of any particular approach.

More details on the Homepage of the First International Cleaning Robots Contest

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